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No Limits

Expand your concepts around what is possible in healing and in life.

I experienced a profound positive shift in my overall happiness and fulfillment once I realized that integrating my spiritual life and my professional life into a balanced life path that authentically honored my scientific mind and my spiritual heart was not only okay, it was key to creating better work-life balance, life satisfaction, effectiveness as a clinician, and whole-self wellness.


I work as a board-certified veterinary oncologist exclusively practicing Integrative Oncology, integrating modern western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine at a specialty referral center in Michigan to care for pets diagnosed with cancer. I am also a Guide, Teacher and Life Activation Practitioner in the lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School. I have a number of projects related to my life path and passions that I am excited to share to help you find your own path to empowered and compassionate Whole-Self living.

What the world needs now more than ever is for people to wake up their ability to live with kindness, compassion and a positive purpose. The world needs people who are focused on building each other up and creating solutions that support Good in the world.


Empower yourself to contribute in positive ways to your own life and the world. 

Dr. Erin Bannink's Websites

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Integrative Veterinary Oncology

  • Veterinarian Education

  • Pet Parent Resources

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Center for Healing, Empowerment and Spiritual Training


Hand-wired gemstone Jewelry with meaning and other self-care products

Dr. Erin Bannink's Exclusive On-Line Classes and Communities

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Integrative Veterinary Oncology Education for Veterinarians


A membership for vets interested in integrating Chinese Herbal Medicine into cancer patient care and learning about the scientific research published on these interventions

  • Monthly educational webinars

  • Research article reviews

  • Blog articles

  • Client Resources

  • Veterinarian forum

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Meditation, Mindfulness and Spiritual development as a path to create greater peace & well-being.

A membership for anyone interested in connecting with a community that shares interest in metaphysics, ancient mystery teachings, and time-tested meditation practices to achieve personal growth, stress relief, self-mastery and improved quality of life


With your community membership

  • ​Immediate Access to a 52 week Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork course to alleviate stress and anxiety and create more inner balance.

  • Receive weekly content including audio recordings of meditations, exercises and reflections to help you create the life you want to be living


  • Option to virutall attend guided Max Meditation events led by Dr. Bannink (offered monthly) - additional fee

  • Watch Livestream videos to keep you inspired and empowered on your journey

  • Option to sign up for exclusive Divine PowerHouse masterclasses and workshops that interest you (three recorded workshops currently available for purchase)

  • Library of wellness challenges you can move through at your own pace to help you make positive changes in your life

  • Receive articles and live-stream videos about how Mystery School teachings can enhance your life, help you overcome obstacles, and reach your goals more efficiently.

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